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Gas, electricity, telephone, broadband or find a babysitter, handyman or translator.



Water (226) new
Banks (65) new
Post Offices (23) new
Toilets (19) new
Public toilets in Venice are run by Veritas with the exception of those at Venice Santa Lucia railway station. There are 20 toilets, mostly in the historic city centre of Venice (11), but also on the islands in the lagoon (6) and on the mainland (3) with facilities for the disabled and for nursing mothers.

The cost is 1.50 Euro. Pay in a coin operated machine - beware of people outside the building asking for money.
For the disabled and those over 70, use of the toilets is free.

You can buy daily or weekly passes to save money here.
Police (11) new
Laundrettes and Cleaners (5)
Petrol Station (5) new
Hairdressers (4)
Telephone (4)
Travel Agency (4) new
Broadband (3)
Moving Service (3) new
Television (3)
Venice Weather (3)
Baby Services (1)
Babysitters & childminders, equipment rental, etc.
Electricity (1)
Gas (1)
Kennels (1)
Lawyers (1)
Waste (1)
Translators (0)
Find an interpreter or translator for your personal, business or official documents.

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