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Restaurants, Cafes and Bars (845) new
A comprehensive list of Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Venice, Italy with consumer reviews.
Accommodation (606) new
Whether you are looking for a five star hotel, a hostel for a few nights or a house to buy in Venice, you'll find all the information here.
Shops in Venice (547) new
Shops in Venice. Whether you are looking for Murano glass to take home with you or furniture for your home in Venice, all the shops can be found here.
Places (495) new
Bridges, squares, islands in the lagoon and more.
Services (384) new
Gas, electricity, telephone, broadband or find a babysitter, handyman or translator.
Culture (239) new
Cultural activities in Venice: From museums and art galleries to cinemas.
Transport (145) new
There are no roads in Venice. Bring some comfortable shoes with you! In this category you will find all the information you need about how to reach Venice and how to get around once you are here.
Health (77) new
Whether you're in need of emergency treatment while on holiday or are looking for an English-speaking dentist, you should find the information you need here.
Events (31)
Information about all the annual events in Venice including Carnevale and Regata Storica. For daily events see the Calendar.
Sport (29)
Whether you want to watch Venice football team play a game or find a yoga group or a gym to get fit yourself - all the information is here.
Webcams (29)
If you're missing Venice, you can see what's going on with these webcams.
Courses & Study (17)
Learn a new subject in this beautiful city.
Shopping Online (16)
A list of shops both in Italy and around the world which will deliver to Venice.
Blogs (12)
Information about Venice from people who live here.

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