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Special Venice Laws by Laura


  1. Do not picnic in Saint Mark's Square!
    There is a local byelaw prohibiting people from sitting down to eat in Saint Mark's Square and the surrounding area and on bridges and around other monuments.  Venice has recently employed garish, orange-uniformed patrols to ensure that this in enforced.  If you need a seat, there are benches near the Doge's palace, and round the corner there is a small park where you may find a seat.

  2. Do Not Feed The Pigeons!
    The pigeons have been damaging the buildings throughout the city and it is now against the law to feed them. This is a new law - but it carrys quite a hefty fine - so be careful.

  3. Suitable clothing.
    This is a working city, not a beach resort so be careful what you wear.  It is against the law for men to be shirtless.

  4. Dogs must be kept on a lead. Dogs which are over 60cm tall must also wear a muzzle.

  5. You must clean up after your dog or face a fine.

  6. You must not play football or basketball or any other game with any sort of ball if you are over the age of 13.

  7. Skateboards, bicycles, roller skates, etc are forbidden in Venice.  You can use them on the Lido or in San Giuliano Park on the mainland.  In both places there are bike rentals.

  8. It is illegal to buy bags and sunglasses from the street or beach traders as they are fake designer goods.  Beware, you can receive a fine of over 1000 Euros if you do.



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