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Top Tips for Venice by Laura

  1. Sitting down costs a lot!
    Italians generally stand at the bar and drink an espresso. However, Venice can be an exhausting place and you will probably want to sit down and enjoy the view. See the directory for tips on where to eat and drink.
  2. Keep to the Right!
    Try to keep to the right as you wander through the city. As a tourist you will want to take your time and savour the sights; but remember that for the moment, this is still a working city and other people are trying to go about their daily lives. Tempers can flare - particularly when bridges are blocked by photographers - just be aware.
  3. Cover Knees, Midriff and Shoulders in Church.
    If you are intending to visit the Basilica or any of the other churches around the city, remember to wear suitable clothing.
  4. Plan Ahead
    Buy your tickets more than 7 days in advance from veniceconnected.com to save money.
  5. Stay Safe
    Venice is a very safe city - but there are still plenty of opportunities for pickpockets - particularly on crowded vaporettos, so be careful.

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