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Main Post Office


The main post office is below Piazzale Roma in front of the vaporetto stops. Note that you need to take a ticket on entering the building and then wait for your number to be shown.

You can buy stamps from post offices or tobacconists. The cost for a postcard stamp (francobollo) is 1 Euro for Europe, 2 Euros 20 cents to the US, 2 Euros 90 cents to Australia (correct July 2017). Full details of prices and weight limits and the relevant zones.

Be careful when buying stamps in a tobacconist in Venice
Some tobacconists in Venice do not sell stamps, they sell stickers for a private postal service - Friendpost. They are slightly more expensive than normal stamps (1 Euro 30 instead of 1 Euro for sending a postcard in Europe), they take much longer than normal post, and they can ONLY be posted in the post box in the shop. If you put them in a post box they will be thrown away!


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Contact Details


  • Fondamenta Santa Chiara

    Santa Croce 511

    30135 Venezia


Telephone: (+39) +39 041 244 6811

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8.25am to 7.10pm
Saturday: 8.25am to 12.35pm
Sunday: closed.


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